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Smart ID cards

The latest smart ID cards – will be issued on Mandela day (18 July 2013). The Minister of Home affairs, Naledi Pandor mentioned having “impressive technology”. It will prevent the amount of fraud going on in South Africa. The smart ID cards will take at least 6-8 years in order for every South African citizen to have one. The smart ID card has security features, which includes fingerprints biometrics and biographic data, so we definitely will not need the traditional green Id book anymore. Technology is always making ways to improve our working conditions and making it more simple and easier to use and store information.

Technology – Past vs Present


Does one actually miss having a type writer, VHS, black and white TV, battery radios, lomography, and sending out postcards or having a Nokia 3310 which looks like a “coffin” because its so big and heavy. Well, technology has changed the way we live by making it more convenient for us. Now we have TV’s that in HD, laptops/tablets , android phones that has a camera which takes megapixels. I don’t think people would want to use the technology from the past, because they wont be satisfied with the results they get and it will be out-of-date.
If you check out some antique shops one can discover and learn what the Generation Y had and educate the Generation X and show them what the technology in the past looked like. Some people still keep their old school techno gadgets to use for decorating purpose in their shops, or their houses before it comes obsolete. I found some shops selling lomography which is still in and hip to the youngsters, but it also high maintenance to keep.

The future of technology, is going to have an impact and influence people with their way of living. It would be interesting to see what the future has in-store. What would you like to see happen in the future?

E-commerce is being the latest trends

I find that e-commerce is growing rapidly in South Africa and online websites and consumers can shop at ease using their laptop, mobile or tablet to browse through the different items they need, or comparing pricing on the web, which is more convenient and hassle free. Popular retail shops have launched online website where consumer can shop online and also get the latest products delivered to their door. Technology has changed the ways consumers shop and also helps save time and one can shop in their own comfort. Nowadays people are so caught up in their busy lifestyles, that consumers prefer to shop online and that’s why e-commerce is growing rapidly and becoming so popular. I encourage individuals to shop online, and making sure the website is trusted and is well-known. If you prefer to shop online, you can also sign up to their newsletters and get information emailed to you about the latest products and promotions. Online companies will benefit from this, because it will create w-o-m and traffic to their website.