The LUMOback is “amazifuriating” and p

The LUMOback is “amazifuriating” and posture-saving device that will buzz if you slouch! #technology #health


Nike Free Flyknit shoe

The Nike Sport research lab scientists employed pressure – mapping technology to locate stress pressure areas, increasing people to keep fit and run in comfort. #nike #innovative

Type A Machines is building a 3D printer for a fast-changing future


How many mobile phones have you owned over the last five years? Two? Five? Ten? As mobile phone technology evolves, carriers have made it fairly easy to continuously upgrade. It’s common to switch to a new phone every year or two.

Like phones, 3D printers are evolving at at a rapid pace. But it’s not easy to upgrade after you sink $2,000+ into a quality consumer printer. Much like a laptop, owners are likely to buy a printer and then hold onto it for five or so years, watching as other people pass them by with newer technology.

Type A Machines plans to launch a 3D printer next month that makes it a bit easier to keep up with the future. Like its current Series 1 printer, the new Series 1 Pro printer will be highly modifiable — “accessible source,” as Type A Machines likes to call it. But it will…

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